About us


With Covid-19 contributing to a collapsed economy, many people lost their jobs. We tried to identify an area that was ready to disrupt and with very few notable players in the logistics game we decided to provide any willing person with the opportunity to earn a living doing deliveries for various businesses. We entered into agreements with various retailers and restaurants and created this platform to give easy, quick jobs to anyone willing to work.

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Where big listed companies 'employ' drivers under a freelance contract we enter into partnerships with every driver giving them the opportunity to own their future by owning their own business. Drivers licences are verified before partnering up with each driver and administration is handled professionally while they get down to doing the simple task of pickup and delivery. The more deliveries made the more money made.


Fast delivery

Same day delivery

If  you are a retailer or a restaurant that is tired of giving away up to 25% of your margin to a big name deliverer, get in touch with us and we'll set you up with a driver partner in your area as soon as possible. You will keep your overheads down by outsourcing what has no doubt become a core component to your offering while at the same time keeping your customers happy and your bottom line positive.


Thank you for giving me a job to feed my family. After my old boss closed his factory I had no work and little money for petrol. Now I make R500 a day dropping off food. Siyabulela Mgedezi

Creating jobs for drivers

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