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With Covid-19 contributing to a collapsed economy, many people lost their jobs. We tried to identify an area that was ready to disrupt and with very few notable players in the logistics game we decided to provide any willing person with the opportunity to earn a living doing deliveries for various businesses. We entered into agreements with various retailers and restaurants and created this platform to give easy, quick jobs to anyone willing to work.


Our history


We've only just begun but with multiple driver partners doing daily deliveries we know how far we can go. We toyed with the idea of doing on demand deliveries before being locked down and were shocked by the commission rates charged by the big players to the small business restaurants. With the lockdown effectively adding another nail to the coffins of small business owners we felt April 26 was the right time to get going, so we did.

24 hours service


Drivers have the ability to deliver when they are available and as business owners the best way to maximise income is to operate round the clock. Driver partners tend to hire help in the evenings while they recharge for the next days deliveries.

Fast delivery


Driver partners are situated within a 10km radius from the businesses they deliver for which makes it easier to deliver quickly.

Security service


Nobody takes more pride in getting a job done than a oerson running their own business.
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